About Our Online Store

Do you love jewellery and following the latest trends in fast fashion? We do too, and that’s why we are here together.. Welcomes to SoniaCreation

We sell Beautiful and Exotic Stone Jewellery around the world. A Best Place for Unique N High Quality Jewellery at Lowest Price .You can be completely assured of reliable quality at unmatched prices because you are buying direct from the manufacturer themselves. A Best Place for Unique N High Quality Handmade Jewellery at Lowest Price!!!

Main Jewelllery we deal in are:- EARRINGS, RINGS, NECKLACE,

Here we believe that Jewellery is like ice creams, there is always room for some more!

Be it earring, sets, bracelets, anklets, rings or any other piece, we bring you quality and the trendiest fashion season

after season at affordable pricing. Our products are aggregated from most skilled craftsmen across India, pushing the

boundaries of design and innovation while staying true to our principle: colour, shape, material and value.

We take pride in being #VocalForLocal.

It has been a phenomenal journey full of milestones and growth. Since our foundation in February 2017,

in just few months we grew from an Instagram shop (@_Soniya_Creation_insta) run by two enthusiasts and

a few hundred followers to over 50K followers, and finally transformed into a true Home-Grown Business run

by an ever growing SC Family and loved by over 10,000 satisfied customers globally.

We are grateful to each one of you for being with us on this journey!

We, as a Team of 6 hardworking professionals, are committed to provide best product and service to our Customers.

And in our Journey, we are thrilled to see you #supportsmallbusiness.

Indulge in our stunning collection and add a little sparkle wherever you go!



Aaditya Saini

Owner, Designer, Curator

I have devoted many years collecting and curating
Stones . I select and design our collections, scout for the latest trends and wear many other hats. I love to travel, dance and being lost in my thoughts. My favorite gemstone is Jasper.

Soniya Yadav

Creator, Designer, Operations
I am Soniya. I manage this shop. i things operations and design. My hand written messages may be on your orders. You will either find me shuffling druzies or creating new products! I am passionate about the White Sox, art, music, Westies! My favorite gemstone is Emerald.

Pritvi Raj Saini

Dispatcher, Fantastic, Magical
I am the shipping guru! I take extra care (and bubble wrap) to pack items and make sure they are shipped on time. I know how to get things done!